FEB 3-23, 2024 -- Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA

(UU)ater :: Exhibition & Zine Launch

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Press Release

The Utopian Megapraxis collective presents (UU)ater :: Exhibition at Brenda Tuxford Gallery, 422 1st St, Eureka, CA 95501. The exhibition opens during Eureka Arts Alive on February 3rd and closes February 23th. This event marks the release of the (UU)ater zine, part of a series of publications produced by the Utopian Megapraxis arts collective.

(UU)ater is an exhibition showcasing artworks that explore the theme of water as an aspect of Utopian Universals, which are concepts and elements that any practicing Utopia would need to examine and make fundamental to its functioning and development. The exhibition marks the release of the (UU)ater zine, part of the Utopian Universal zine series created by the Utopian Megapraxis collective. Featured artists include Belinda Haikes, Mona Gazala, Leah Sandler, Adam Farcus, Ella Medicus, George Lorio, Josh Duttweiler, Marina Sachs (SHADE), Stephen Nachtigall, Irene Pe, Jacob Riddle, Ella Medicus, and more. The exhibition includes an exploded view of the publication, photographs, drawings, video works, digital access to the .PDF as well as free takeaway copies of the publication.

Bridging the space between printed ephemera and temporal installation, (UU)ater places work in relation to the body. Just as one enjoys the coast or stays hydrated, the exchange between human bodies and bodies of water is forever ongoing. The show is specifically laid out to question and observe what we need from water, and what water needs from us, highlighting both the urgent and slippery nature of this resource in Utopia.

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