The Utopian Universal Series is an investigation into the many fundamental, uncompromisable priorities required for the sustained planetary, plant, animal, and human life within any global Utopian movement. These 'books' are speculative living documents which do not pretend to offer closed or complete answers, instead aiming to pose formal, visual, textual, and conceptual questions.

Issue 1 : (UU)ater

Water is an element, environment, divider, source, substance, and a universal requirement for life on Earth. We define water, like all elements, by our experiences with it. Water is even given metaphorical embodiment in our language: body of water, mouth of the river, arm of the sea, and river arteries. Just as we use bodies and ideologies to divide humanity, we also use rivers, seas, or oceans to define boundaries between states, nations, and peoples - even if the water contained within these bodies is utilized by all sides equally.

(UU)ater, asks us to consider how water experiences time and expresses history, how humanity identifies itself through water, the future of water, and how water can be found in possible utopias. (UU)ater is where universality and division intersect.

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Featuring work by:
J. Eric Simpson, Noah Travis Phillips, Leah Sandler, Andre Rubin, John O’Donnell, belinda haikes, Vitoria Faccin-Herman, Byron Campos, Joseph Cohen, Irene Pe, H Spencer Young, Layne Jackson, Shade Sachs, Stephanie Paine, Zachary Severt, George Lorio, M. Wright, Inga Manticas, Mona Gazala, Ian Breidenbach, Stephen Nachtigall, Ella Medicus, oshua Duttweiler, Will McNeil, Greg Blair, Suyeon Jang, Jacklyn Brickman, Lora Gettlefinger, Ruby Que, Adam Farcus, Jeff Ostergren, Lauren Strohacker, and Kitty Davies

Designed by Adam Farcus, Cover Designed by Kyle Mace

Issue 2 : PO(UU)er

Currently Accepting Submissions for Issue 2 of the Utopian Universal Zine Series